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Friday, 3 October 2008

Red Hot Poker

Originally from Madagascar the Red Hot Poker is one of my favourite plant.

They grow up to 60 inches high and look wonderful in a garden when everything else starts fading away. The are also known as Kniphofia, Torch lily, and Poker plant but its Latin name is Kniphofia uvaria.

For years I tried to grow some in my garden unsuccessfully until this year when I had one that was a lot smaller than this one on the Franciscan Gardens.


Bigouden Atao said...

Hi !
We have some flowers like these in france too ...
It's seems to be called "snakes flowers" no ?

Coltrane_lives said...

Perfect name for a beautiful flower! Hope yours will continue to grow.

Profile Not Available said...

These are fabulous looking, but I can't get them to grow either. These are lovely!

Rosie said...

In England they are called Red Hot Pokers but snake flowers is not a bad name either, is it?

Me too!!!

Don't give up! Eventually you will get there. I must have had over 10 attempts before I got my first one.