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Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Cuban

A few days ago I went to this wonderful restaurant called The Cuban in Canterbury and I took this photo.

The picture is not great but the food is fantastic and I highly recommend it.
To book a table visit their website


Patricia said...

This is a lovely blog to read and look at all the beautiful photos ! This is the first time I have seen it, and I have spent hours looking at all your pictures of Canterbury - makes me want to visit - it looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for the enjoyable tour of a beautiful town !

GeneMarine said...

Che is certainly a focal point! Under his insightful gaze I am sure the food would certainly be up to par. Lunch anyone?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose its good to see enjoying your self. You deserve it. Great Photo. Keep them coming. PS Do you like Cuban Heels?

Lady Demeter said...

thank you for your comment! :)
I have no idea why they do that, maybe it's something they can define with and be "cool".

Jane Hards Photography said...

There is a lovely laid back bar in Montpellier that is all things Cuban. The walls are adorned with some historical images, lovely music and wonderful drinks. I can imagine this restaurant being very popular. I am very jealous of this reataurant. Manx Kippers are not for me.

Coltrane_lives said...

One of my colleagues (a Spanish teacher) has this exact Che photo in a poster form on his wall. I don't know if the poster has been too inspiring to the Spanish students though, but I like it.

Rosie said...

I am delighted to hear you enjoy looking through the pictures. Some people might think I see Canterbury throught rose tinted spectacles and they might be right!
I just can't help it... I adore Canterbury.

Yes, please. Next time you come to Kent!

I do but I prefer higher heels.

Lady Demeter
You are welcome.

Drop by in Canterbury and I will buy you lunch there and no Manx Kippers, I promise.

When I was a teenager, Che was one of my favourite heroes. I remember reading “Hay que endurecerse pero sin perder la ternura jam├ís” and I fell in love with the guy...
Eventually, I realised that his dreams would never fit reality but I still have that nostalgic feeling about him...
I guess the photo is one of the reasons I like the Cuban.... just had not realised it.

Ilse said...

I think this picture is great. The place looks wonderful. & I love the HUGE image of Che. After all these years Che still inspires a following. In the 70's & early 80's we all read his diaries. I wonder what the younger generation sees in Che today? Maybe only a really great photo of a cool looking dude?