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Friday, 6 June 2008

Telephone Box

I found this phone box in Fordwich.
Here are some facts about the red telephone box:
  1. According to Ofcom "there are 67,000 phone boxes in the UK".

  2. The original idea came fram a design called K1 and later it was redesigned by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott mid 1920's.

  3. They painted it red to make it more visible but a lot of people hated it so much that some areas such as conservation areas, painted their phone boxes in less conspicuous colours. They have now re-painted it in red - to keep within the traditional style!

  4. BT, looks after most phone boxes in the UK (64,500) and they say the average annual running costs per phone box are £1,673 and around 42 per cent of its phone boxes are profitable.
  5. For photos and more history of phonebox visit http://heritage.elettra.co.uk/phonebox/variants.html

  6. Do you want to buy a phone box? Where to buy one


Hilda said...

Your red phone boxes are just so cute!

I think we've done away with public pay phones already, at least in the streets—I haven't seen one in decades! I guess they just get vandalized or stolen here. =(

Jilly said...

Oh great post and fascinating information. I love the British phone box in Britain but do find it strange when people buy them and put them in, say, a California garden.Love your photo.

Louis la Vache said...

The red phone booth is almost as iconic for Britain as the Golden Gate Bridge is for San Francisco!

Anonymous said...

Are they big enough for 2 consenting adult to engage in sexual intercourse on a rainy day?

Rosie said...

We are very lucky down in Kent as we don;t have much vandalism in comparisson to other places.

Thanks. I think we have similar taste because I love your photos too.

Very true... they are very different in nature but are so symbolic.

I'm not sure but I would say it depends on how slim the adults are. It is surrounded by houses with lots of children around so I would say not very responsible thing to do in such a place, even in a rainy day.

Profile Not Available said...

I can't remember the last time I saw a public pay phone. Most here have been removed. These are very pretty, I think. Iconic was a great word, Louie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, All but gone round here. People bought them and had them installed in the Bath Room as a Shower.This the origin of the term Trunk Call. Like the Photo. Great. (:

Jane Hards Photography said...

We have so precious few here now. They have been replaced by those faceless glass boxes. I do adore them, and post boxes. Real picture postcard image and informative text.

Greyhound Girl said...

I love the red phone boxes- to me that personifies England!

Mohammad Bilal said...

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