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Saturday, 7 June 2008


English: poppy
Portuguese: papoula,
French: coquelicot
Spanish: amapola
Italian: papavero
Latin: papaver


USelaine said...

Oooh! Stunning form and color! I saw a gigantic red poppy in a garden today, but it was to far away to photograph. But you've done it for me. 8^)

Ms M said...

Such a coincidence -- I also posted photos of red poppies today on my blog. It must be the season. I love the form of the Italian poppy petals, and how your photo takes us into the center of the flower.

Ms M said...

Oops -- I misread!I see now that it isn't an Italian poppy, but that you translated the word for poppy in different languages. :-)

Nicole said...

Romanian: mac (probably the shortest word :D)

Marcel said...


Chuck Pefley said...

What a nice happy face! I appreciate the various translations, too. Nice work :)

Diederick Wijmans said...

What a beautiful flower! And you pictured the central part so well to catch the colour contrast perfectly.