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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Preston Nursery

This week I had the pleasure to visit what is certainly one of the most well looked after nurseries in Kent.

With only 4 members of staff - all extremely polite and helpful - they do a fantastic job. You can tell that the plants there are not only well attended to but also loved.

They have a variety of trees and hard to find plants but not roses. I bought several herbs including a pot of Bronze Dill.
The pot in the picture was on sale there too...
If you want to find out more about them visit their website www.prestonnursery.co.uk


John+Mavis said...

Hi Rose. I do like rare plants. I have at a New Zealand Tree Fern, which is growing well. I t grows quite well in a large bucket. Like the Plant Pot.

Ms M said...

What a lovely pot! I love the glaze on it. Looks like a superb nursery.

Jilly said...

What a lovely pot. Super glaze. Looks a great place.

I left another message on previous day's post, Rose.

Petrea said...

A beautifully composed photo. You know I like this one!

Rose said...

Hi John

The nursery had a few Tree Ferns and they were very beautiful.

Ms M
It really was!

It is even more beautiful than in the photo.

I must confess I thought about your picture and you when I took this photo.

from cali said...

Yes, I also admired the glaze and thought I'd left a comment to that effect! Losing one's mind: it's a terrible thing.