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Monday, 18 February 2008

The Weavers' House

In the 16th Century when the Huguenots and Wallons started migrating to England escaping from religious prosecution in France and other parts of Europe, a few of them settled in Canterbury. They were skilled weavers and this is the place where where many of them concentrated hence the name The Weaver's House. As they prospered they become important citizens in Canterbury and a couple of them became Councillors.
Today it is a restaurant and quite a good one!


Jilly said...

This is one of my favourite places/shots in Canterbury. Just beautiful.

Rosie said...

I m glad you like it.
I wish I was better at photography to take a picture that did it justice.
I will keep trying though, who knows one of these days I learn ;)!

Chuck Pefley said...

Rose, river or canal? Either way the water provided a ready transportation method for the weaver's goods and supplies. Lovely spot.

Chuckeroon said...

Hello, Rose.....like Jilly, I know this very well!! I think you captured this nicely. Don't complain! Tks for coming to R u T.

Rosie said...

It is a river, River Stour.
The weavers used the water in the clothmaking and dying processes. It would not have looked as pretty as it is now.

Anonymous said...

How bizarre - you've visited the pub I put on today's blog, and I'm pretty sure I've visited this restaurant of yours!

Mitch said...

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Good luck,
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Josy said...

Gracious! A river, you say? Was the water particularly high when you took this picture, or... I mean... it just seems so odd to have buildings sitting in water!

Anonymous said...

Thats a lovely shot although if i was there i would be worried about floods being that close to the water!

Kunal Bhatia said...

lovely photos all of them. especially the stairs, the canal flanked by the houses on both sides and the clock sticking out of the tower.
- Mindless Mumbai
won't be able to visit again till end april, too much college work followed by exams, keep blogging. take care. ciao.

Shutterspy said...

Canterbury has so much history, it's wonderful.

Everywhere you walk, you can feel it.

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