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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Mask at the Marlowe

The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury is located just off the High Street not far from Cafe Nero.

Although not a very large building -it used to be a cinema - they have several events the whole year around. For more information on what is on click here


Kim said...

I love this piece, and the colors in your photo today. This is nicely juxtaposed with the older architecture and sites of your city. I've just spent some pleasant time peeking through your photos, and they are very special and lovely.
Seattle Daily Photo

Bergson said...

A photograph which goes well with the time

the mask will be difficult to carry for the procession of the carnival

Rosie said...

It would be a hard one to drag along!
Luckily is not Carnival in this part of the world :)

Jordi said...

Interesante Blog y buenas capturas, enhorabuena