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Friday, 8 February 2008

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in England. It is very romantic with a moat and beautiful grounds.
In the summer they have a concert which is followed by fireworks. You can also get balloon trips that leave the castle early in the morning or evening. A fantastic trip if you don't mind paying £120 per person.
Tickets cost £14 adults £11 Student/OAP and £8.50 child.


alice said...

A balloon trip makes me dream...but it's really expensive! You can do it here, above the Morbihan Gulf but you have to pay 400 euros for 4 people...Thank you for visiting Arradon DP and...longue vie à Canterbury DP! Have a nice weekend.

Bergson said...

superb castle. I do not understand which is the utility of the passage in the wall

Gerald (SK14) said...

good to see another UK DP

I paid £200 for a balloon trip for my wife and I about 18 years ago - over two years we made six trips to various take-off venues around Cheshire only for them all to be aborted - after that we gave up trying but never got our money back.

 gmirage said...

A real castle structure...Great angle too! Would love to see it.

brian stout said...

very nice photo, the castle is beautiful,