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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Theme Day: Path and Passage

St Dunstan Church - Canterbury
Today is a special day for me. I have been publishing photos of Canterbury and the neighbouring areas for one year.
I thought I would take you to a special place. Somewhere I have not taken you before. So I have brought you to St Dunstan's Church, an extremely important place in the history of Canterbury and Britain.
It was here in July, 1174, that King Henry II, came to pay his penance for the death of the Archbishop of Canterbury, St Thomas Becket. He arrived at St. Dunstan's, changed into sackcloth and ashes and walked barefeet to Becket's grave in Canterbury Cathedral where he prayed for forgiviness.

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Jilly said...

A perfect photo for Theme Day. How beautiful this is. And of course a perfect photo for Canterbury DP's first birthday! Many congratulations, Rose. Your photos are always fascinating and you show us your city so beautifully.

Thanks for kind comments on Menton DP, Rose.

Ham said...

Well, happy blogday, and a great photo for the occasion, very atmospheric

Eric Tenin said...

OMG this is how you feel on the day of your blog anniversary; like paying your penance and ask for forgiveness LOL?! You should be showing us the path to heaven ;-)

Grosses bises Rose.

Anonymous said...

I like your choice of photos. It was also interesting to read the story behind it.

Congratulations on one year.

Gerald (SK14) said...

well done on making it through yoiur first year - the path through St Dunstans is lovely.

Jane Hards Photography said...

A very historical path. It is teaming with atmosphere. Again congrats on year one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, Congrats on 1 year of your great Photo's. All bloggers should read The Daily Canterbury Photo. It's one of the Best

Joy said...

A definitely different kind of path! I love churches, but not churchyards :D It's a very solemn photo.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Ms M said...

Very interesting history and very fitting photo! It's especially effective in B&W.
And Happy 1st Year in Daily Blogdom!

Katie said...

Beautiful photo of this path at St Dunstan's Church. I like the B&W. Happy first blog birthday!!

Hilda said...

A romantically eerie photo and your tale made my hair stand on end. What a history and so perfect for theme day and your blog's birthday! Congratulations!

Eric's comment had me laughing out loud! ;D

Marie Reed said...

Happy Happy Blogday! Here is a big slice of black forest cake ooozing with cherries!

Chuck Pefley said...

The end of the path, yet it continues on. Nice. And happy birthday, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy blog bday to you!
I like this photo, especially the tree and your choice to post this in black and white:)

Petrea Burchard said...

Rose, I thought of you today. I'm late to wish you a happy blog anniversary. Congratulations!

This photo captures the Paths & Passages theme like no other I've seen: a path we can see, and the passage from one life to the next. Very thoughtful, an excellent depiction of the theme.

Olivier said...

happy anniversaire pour les un ans de ton blog et bonne continuité
happy birthday for the one year of your blog and good continuity

Leeds daily photo said...

Old churches are a great post, you do not have to be religious to appreciate the history, beauty and tranquilty there.
Congrats on the year of Canterbury DP, time flies.
I often drop by, I used to live in Canterbury some years ago, I used to go to the cathedral for services occasionally.