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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria died on this day 108 years ago after ruling Britain for 63 years and seven months.
I found this statue of Queen Vicotira and Albert the Prince Consort in Canterbury Cathedral.


Unknown said...

I was intrigued to see Queen Victoria on Canterbury Cathedral so I went to the site and realized how many times transformations have been made since it was first built in the 6th century! Amazing! Thanks for the info.

P.S. The weather is awful here too, not cold but foggy and rainy, nothing unsual in January, but I wish I was at the Pee Pee Islands now!... :-)

Jilly said...

What beautiful carvings, Rose. And thanks for the reminder it was her birthday. She was such a fascinating woman with an incredible life.

GeneMarine said...

Let it be known that she was not so beloved by the Irish. She gave more interest and care to her pets than she did to the poor of Ireland that were under the heel of oppresive landlords.
History has its legacys and they often aren't as pleasant as one might imagine.


Anonymous said...

apparently there are more statues of Prince Albert in London than there is of anybody else!! Judith

Michelle said...

Beautiful statues. You all have such amazing history.

Petrea Burchard said...

The history of the British Isles fascinates - the good and the bad of it. There's so much art to commemorate it too, and I can never get enough of it. Thanks, Rose.

Anonymous said...