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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

St Peter's Church in the Heart of Canterbury

On Sunday I braved the cold weather and went out to take pictures.
As I walked down the St George's St, I noticed St Peter's Church was open so I went in.
It was my first visit there and the lady minding the place told me that it was open because it is that time of the year - Advent - when churches welcome those who for one reason or another come to church.
The interior is very nice but simple. A few items here and there and nothing like Canterbury Cathedral, its big sister up the road. For more information on the history of the ST Peter's Church visit their website
The banner in the picture was given to the church in memory of Dorothy Violet Keeler (1902-1970) who not only was a member of the church but also was the mother of the kind lady showed me around.


Dan said...

Hi Rose! Nice discovery of this (presumably) neighborhood church. I find places like this facinating.

Thanks for your visit to my blog!

Unknown said...

Lovely, Rose. Though - we need more Christmas decorations I'm afraid. I have challenged you to another photo, over at mine. xx