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Sunday, 9 November 2008

We Won't Forget You - Our Heroes

Today is Remembrance Sunday and most towns and villages will hold a service in memory of those who died in wars.
People will place wreath of poppies, flowers or crosses with names of their loved ones who served in the forces.
I found these in Canterbury city centre.


Anonymous said...

such a moving image...

Jill said...

A beautiful series you've made for Remembrance, Rose.

GeneMarine said...

Today is the Marine Corps Birthday. We, who have served remember those with whom we have served with and remember our honored fallen daily.
Like Churchill said, "Never in the course of human events have so many owed so much to so few."
The Knights of Britain are always with you in spirit.

Volmon said...

When I was at primary school, Remembrance Day entailed the purchase of a small cross - not unlike those in your photo, Rose - which, at the appointed hour, we dutifully planted on a grassy slope in the playground. I remember being profoundly moved by the blossoming of this makeshift memorial, even though at that age I had no idea of the atrocities committed in either the first or second world wars, let alone those being perpetrated in Vietnam while our field of crosses was blossoming.

I can also remember thinking how sad it was that, the following morning, our little wooden cemetery would be harvested in a matter of minutes - and, even more sadly, casually cast into the fiery maw of an incinerator.

Later, when I was studying modern European history and trying to come to grips with the carnage that had fouled the first half of the twentieth century, I found it hard not recall those mournful mornings of my childhood when children made and unmade graveyards as if playing a game. Only it was not a game.

In some ways, it would be better if we could all remain ignorant of the horrors of war, only we owe to those who were forever denied the privilege of such innocence not to.

Not all nightmares should be forgotten.