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Friday, 7 November 2008

We Won't Forget You - Men of Nackington

F. Butler, Kent Cyclists

Major C. N.B Chapman The Buffs & R.F.C.

Lieut W.W. Chapman, The Buffs & R.F.C.

A.W. Cook, K. R. Rifles
Cecil Thomas Denne, F. M. Yeomanry

William J. F. Eldridge, Labour Corps, born in 1891. Son of William and Prescilla

Harry F. Gardner, Grenadier Guards, born in 1886. Son of William and Sarah, brother of Edward, Florence and George.

Lieut W. A. C. Hedley, The Buffs

J. H. Knott, Grenadier Guards

M. Maple, W Kent Regt

C. Murton, R.N.E.R. Williams, E Surrey Regt


Anonymous said...

I always think about those lost lives. I was on Iwo Jima and thousands lost their lives there and now, those men who died for their country, finds those countries best friends. Isn't that odd?

GeneMarine said...

"Here lie some of the flowers of British youth."

The Great War saw these young men go off and never return to their families. May we never forget them and the sacrifices that they made.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Well done for all of these connected posts. We should never, ever forget.

Unknown said...

Well done, Rose, for listing these people. Very thoughtful. I'm off to Tewkesbury's parade tomorrow to report on that. It's important we all do our bit to remember what they did for us.