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Thursday, 27 November 2008

St Mary's Church in Lower Hardres

This was taken a few days ago when I went to visit Lower Hardres.


Unknown said...

Very pretty shot, Rose.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Oh Rose this really is special to me. I'm going to reveal something about myself. My surname is Hards. My Hards comes from Hardres and the Norman Duke that Lower Hardres was named after. This is the best image I have ever seen of this place of my ancestors. I have never been there, always wanted to go and maybe one day I will. You've made my day, thank you.

Robot Nine said...

Nice composition, though steeples and such arer always so phallic, lol!

Katie said...

Great photo! Nice that the leaves still have a bit of color left.

Rosie said...

Lynn and Robot Nine
Thanks... :)

Yew trees are always green... all year around :)

Wow! What an interesting genealogy you have. I have always been attracted to that area of Canterbury. A few years ago we almost bought a house in Upper Hardres and since then I have taken a special interest in the place.
I will make sure I post more photos of the area specially for you.
Why don't you plan a visit when Monica is here so I could show you around :)