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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Canterbury Festival - Morris Dance

I caught these Morris dancers in Whitefriars and loved it. The dancers looked very excited and I love the expression on their faces. I also enjoyed seing the lady on the left jumping off the ground. She was amazing but then, so were all the others!

Well done guys!


Mike Harrison said...

There's something about Morris groups that is so distinctively English. I'd love to see the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics awash with men and women dancing to accordion music and thwacking each other with sticks, but sadly it won't happen!

It also always bring a wry grin to my lips to think of them performing in the middle of the City of Canterbury. Would be interesting to know what the early church in the city would have thought about such goings-on!

dive said...

People mock Morris but I love to see English folk traditions kept alive.

We had a Morris fest in Norwich earlier this year with teams from all over the UK dancing their clogs off. It was fantastic fun!

And I have a feeling Whitstable Journal will not be too disappointed … One of the guys in my office is a member of the Westminster Morris and they (and others) have been approacehd to appear at the opening ceremony.
Shh! Keep it under your hat but you heard it here first!

Ms M said...

Your photo sent me to Wikipedia to learn more about Morris dancing. Quite interesting! Enjoy the festival :-)

Greyhound Girl said...

This is such a fun shot- and I had to go researching Morris dancing- how fun!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Oh no they scare me.Too Wicker Man, like my island. Very flamboyant costumes though so I could be persuaded.