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Sunday, 17 August 2008

St Andrews United Reformed Church

Here you can see the top of one of my favourite buildings in Canterbury.
It is the St Andrews United Reformed Church.


Kris said...

There doesn’t appear to be a shortage of great buildings to photograph in your town!

That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing your least favourite. ;)

frpm cali said...

I thought the same as Kris. And it made me think about what my favorite building is where I live. And I couldn't come up with anything. But the view of the ocean makes up for the lack of interesting architecture.

from cali said...

That should be from cali, but you probably figured that out!

Coltrane_lives said...


Cali...I like "frpm Cali"--kind of makes you a "nightowl" as in "from pm Cali." Okay, no more hoots. I'll stop now! ;-)

from cali said...

LOL, Coltrane. I like your take on it.