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Monday, 21 July 2008

Next - Sales

Next is a very popular shop and their sales are even more popular.
The doors open at 5am -believe it or not - and by 8am the most interesting items will have gone.


Anonymous said...

We all like to save money, don't we? Will you be there bright and early?

Jill said...

Hi Rose, I am finally out and about cyberspace after my horrific battle with encephalitis. I love this photo with the reflection. Did you make it there at 5 a.m.?

Did I read on PDP that you are headed on a trip far from home?

Profile Not Available said...

You are going on a trip? I have PDP, so I missed that news. Where are you off to?

Did you make it in time for the sale? Did you find any great shoes? ;)

Rosie said...

Hey Cali
I m not into sales so I didn't go. I just took the photo ;)

I m sorry to hear that and I m glad you are feeling better.
I m going to Brazil for 5 weeks, can you believe it? Visiting family and research my family history.

I'm size 8 and they only had the horrible ones in my size. Time have tought me to buy shoes I like immediately or I miss them so I do!