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Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Did you know that tradionally all unmarked swans in England belong to the Crown?


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,We have Pub near here, its called the (Swan with two Nicks.) The two nicks on its Beak means it belongs to the Queen.

USelaine said...

Best to nuke that first post, Rose. It's a phishing scheme.

I read in a book of historic British cookery that swans used to be artfully presented at table with their heads and skins reassembled over the cooked meat. Same with peacocks. Only for the upper class tables of course, so it doesn't surprise me about the crown ownership. A lovely photo.

Greyhound Girl said...

This is such a lush photo. I love the angle of the bird's head and its reflection on the water.

Ms M said...

Love your photo! The curves and reflections are so graceful.