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Monday, 19 May 2008

Bridge in Fordwich, Canterbury

I often go out with David on Sundays.
Yesterday I went to a little village called Fordwich about 2 miles from Canterbury.
It is one of the loveliest places around here and if it wasn't for the amount of cars around, I would say it is like travelling in time.
I took quite a few pictures that I was very happy with and this is one of them.
The bridge you see in the picture is very old and very narrow with room for one car only. The river is the same one you have seen a few times in my blog: River Stour.


Hilda said...

Sigh, pretty. Both the place and the photo. Thank you.

Stefan Jansson said...

It's a great rural view, very England.

Petrea Burchard said...

It's photos like this on your blog that make me think I should live near you!

Parisian Heart said...

What a truly beautiful photo! I would love to be right there.

I found your photo blog via PDP and am really enjoying it.

Ms M said...

That's a lovely, atmospheric photo! Looks like a nice place for a picnic.

Rosie said...

You are welocme.

Canterbury is surrounded by lovely countryside and I love it.

Oh Petrea...I wish. You have been invited...

Parisian Heart
I am honoured that you came left Eric's blog to visit mine...thank you :)

Ms M
It is a nice place for a walk as well. Here is a photo of a path just a few yards from that bridge

Chuck Pefley said...

Looks positively idyllic!

Diederick Wijmans said...

This photo is so relaxing, Rose! Well done!

(Thanks for visiting my blog)

Anonymous said...

Rose What a Great Photograph.
It would make a Beautiful Postcard.

Mike M said...


I recently found info at the Dover archives that my great(x6)-grandfather may have built this bridge. Unfortunately when I travelled there last week, the inscription on the bridge is unreadable. Does anybody know what it used to say?

Mike M said...
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