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Monday, 7 April 2008

Wheelie Bin

George Dempster invented the wheelie bin in the 30s.
Before the whellie bin we used to put our rubbish bags in the pavement for collection in the following morning. Needless to say, the cats often made a feast of the bags and there were flies everywhere.
With the introduction of the wheelie bin not only it is cleaner - rats can't get into the bins, but also it is safer for the dustman to collect our rubbish


Monica said...

So that's what a wheelie bin is. Não estava ligando o nome à pessoa!
We have wheelie bins here too. But I think the amount of garbage is so big that people use the wheelie bin and also have to deposit plastic garbage bags on the pavement when the wheelie bin is already full.

Rosie said...

In England we are not suppose to leave extra bags of rubbish but many do. If you are lucky and have wonderful and kind dustmen like in my area they will take the odd bag away.