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Monday, 21 April 2008

Canterbury Archaeological Trust

Archaeology is a hugely popular subject in Canterbury.
The city being so old and having played such an important part in in various periods of history, Canterbury makes a rather interesting place in terms of archaeology.

Founded in 1975, Canterbury Archaeological Trust is a charitable organization which offers services to comercial and educational projects. They are involved in many fascinating projects including work done during the construction of the Channel Tunnel and its Terminal (1986). It also has an office in Dover, a rich archaeological area. At the moment they are working on a project in Augustine House

Occasionally, there are opportunities for volunteering in their projects, so if you are interested visit their website on http://www.canterburytrust.co.uk/about/jobopps/jobopps.htm

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Unknown said...

I'm totally fascinated by it. A missed vocation i think. Though i bet one breaks one's fingernails dreadfully... ;)

I've tagged you for a memem Rose, at www.ukdailyphoto.blogspot.com - sorry can't do links at the moment. Go on, give it a go!